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Dear Calvary Congregation:
Good news! In case you haven’t heard we have been cleared to open the church for Sunday service. This comes with many restrictions however. We debated on whether we should open this Sunday or wait for a week or two to make sure everything is being done according to Covid-19 regulations. After meeting with the board and discussing what needs to be done in order to open safely, we decided to open this Sunday June 14th 
There has been a crew of volunteers working all week to clean and sanitize the church building in preparation for opening on Sunday. We have taped arrows on the floor so as to give directions on how to enter and leave the building. Extra sanitation dispensers have been placed for your protection around the building. Please be advised it will not be church as usual. We need you to follow the directions of the volunteers who will be guiding you in parking, entering and exiting the building. 
Seating has been taped off, to allow for social distancing. This will call for us to be patient as you will need to be seated by volunteers. We will be learning as we go and may have to adjust seating arrangements according to families, Couples and singles. Again we ask for your understanding as we proceed with getting everyone in the building. Considering the time involved in getting everyone seated we are asking you to arrive at the church no later than 10:15, earlier if possible. Also be aware we are only allowed to have 30% of our building capacity. This means we can only allow 70 people in. At this point we have no idea how many are going to respond to this first opening. This first Sunday will be an experiment to see if we need to have two services in the future, until we are allowed to be fully open. It would help us if you could respond to us by email, on whether you are planning to attend. Give us your name and the number of people coming from your household.  Please note that at this time there will be no children’s ministry.  We still need to figure out the safest way to do Kids Church.
It is possible, not everyone will be able to get in. This is a trial run. I can’t imagine turning someone away from entering the church but we simply don’t know how many are coming. We must stick to the rules that we have been given. By honoring those in authority over us we can count on the blessing of God to get church back to normal sooner rather than later. 
I am anticipating a great time of worship and the preaching of the word with you sitting in the pews and responding to the anointing of the Holy Spirit.
God bless you all. Looking forward to seeing you in church on Sunday.  Again I ask please be patient with us as we navigate in brand new territory never traveled before. Pray for God’s grace to be in our midst as we begin to get back to doing  church and fellowshipping together, even if we can’t hug or shake hands, just seeing you all, even at a distance will be great. 
P. Larry  
While we are all doing our best to stay at home and keep our distance, the Church is alive and well!
You can join us LIVE every Sunday morning on Facebook or watch our services any time on Facebook or YouTube.  
Our children's church coordinator is posting resources every week for parents to use at home with their children; you can find that on the Kids Church page.  
Pastor Larry Booth (our interim pastor) is also posting Bible studies on our YouTube page for you to enjoy and follow along.  
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Thanks for visiting - and we hope to see you soon in person!

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