2019 Annual Business Meeting: Letter

Monday February 11, 2019

Attention: Calvary Pentecostal Temple (CPT) Membership,

The Upcoming Annual Business Meeting is Monday March 25, 2019 at 7:00 PM. Please find a mauve nomination ballot enclosed for the upcoming Business Meeting. Regarding CPT’s Constitution and By-Laws (and other related information) please go to http://calvarytemplenb.org/annual-business-meeting-2019 . All reports are forthcoming. For your convenience see the following excerpts pertaining to nominations:

2.3.1. Qualifications: The qualifications for service on the leadership shall be determined and approved in accordance with the policy of this local church, as guided by such scriptural provisions as are cited in Acts 6:3, 1 Timothy 3:8-13, and Titus 1:5-9. The official leadership shall be comprised of members who are of good report and sound judgment, examples to the congregation in matters of stewardship, church attendance, and spiritual maturity, and seeking constantly, as sanctified vessels, to be filled with the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:4; Ephesians 5:18).


3.1.1 The nominating committee shall be comprised of the pastor and leadership or a committee appointed by the leadership, which shall be constituted of the pastor, one (1) leadership member and three (3) non-leadership members.

3.1.2 The nominating committee, after its appointment, shall invite submissions from members of the congregation, until 14 days prior to the annual congregational business meeting, or a longer period as approved by resolution of the membership and recorded in minutes of the congregation. The submissions shall be in writing, signed by the local church member, and submitted without the knowledge of the person.

3.1.3 It shall be the duty of the nominating committee to receive submissions for each office to be filled and, after determining if such individuals are qualified and willing to serve, shall present a slate of nominees for consideration at the congregational business meeting.

3.1.4 The membership may empower a nominating committee to set aside the submission process and agree on the names of members who are qualified and willing to serve on the leadership team. Such names shall be presented as the slate of nominees for consideration at the congregational meeting.

3.2 VOTING: All the elected officers of this local church, except the pastor, shall be declared elected upon receiving more than 50 percent of all votes cast for the office at the annual congregational business meeting. If the candidate is not elected on the first ballot, voting shall continue until an election is declared. If no election is declared as a result of the second election ballot, the name receiving the lowest number of votes shall be eliminated on each succeeding ballot.

3.3 When the church congregation is voting on business matters, a definite voting bar shall be made between those who are entitled to vote and those who are not so entitled. A member of the congregation wishing to challenge the right of another to vote may do so. In the event of such a challenge, a majority vote of the congregation shall decide. APPOINTED OFFICES: It shall be the duty of the newly elected leadership to fill all appointed offices for the ensuing year without delay.

3.4 ORDER OF BUSINESS: The regular order of business for the annual congregational business meeting of this local church shall be determined by the pastor and leadership which may include such items as:
· Devotional
· Reading of previous minutes by the secretary
· Report of treasurer
· Report of committees
· Unfinished business
· Selection of officers
· New business
· Adjournment

3.5 QUORUM: Twenty-five (25) percent of the voting membership shall be required to constitute a quorum. Those members who by reasons of health are unable to regularly attend church meetings may be omitted from the quorum calculation.
3.6 PARLIAMENTARY ORDER: In order to expedite congregational business meetings this local church shall be governed by the spirit of Christian love and fellowship and by the accepted rules of parliamentary procedure as outlined in Robert’s Rules of Order, or Code Morin.

Please note, according to the LCC2018 your ballot must be submitted no later than March 11, 2019. The ballot box is in the foyer of the church on the welcome desk. Should you require, you can submit your ballot (on time) two other ways:
By mail:
Calvary Pentecostal Temple
Attention: Nomination Committee
271 Ski Club Rd., North Bay ON
P1B 7R1
By email: revdave@calvarytemplenb.org
Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information or assistance.

In Christ,
Rev. David Long
Senior Pastor
Phone: (705) 472-0923
Mobile: (705) 303-2622

2019 Annual Business Meeting Nominations Ballot 

Matthew Clarke

Matthew IS eligible for re-election

Sue  Rogerson-Martin

Board Member - Pastoral Care
Sue IS eligible for re-election.

Aaron Kennedy

Aaron IS eligible for re-election.

Brian Chute

Brian has completed 3 consecutive 2 year terms and is NOT eligible for re-election.

CPT members can nominate up to 4 candidates with the form below.

A  paper copy will be filled out and placed in the nomination box to be reviewed by the nomination committee.

Draft: CPT Membership List

Revised: February 1, 2019
1. AITKEN, David
2. AITKEN, Elizabeth
3. AITKEN, George
4. AITKEN, Lena
5. AUBUT, Lyette
6. BARRETT, Lorraine
7. BEAULIEU, Charles
10. BROADWORTH, Rev. Dale
13. BRUBACHER, Melissa
14. CAMERON, Brigitte
15. CARDWELL, Barry
16. CARDWELL, Rose-Anne
17. CHUTE, Brian
18. CHUTE, Nancy
19. CLARKE, Gabrielle
20. CLARKE, Matthew
21. COOK, Colette
22. CORBEIL, Allison
23. CORBEIL, Richard
24. CORY, Christopher
25. CORY, Trisha
26. DAYTON, Bruce
27. DAYTON, Mary
28. DYKENS, Mark
29. DYKENS, Nicole
30. FINCH, Sylvia
31. FLETCHER, Lily
33. GARDNER, Bill
34. GARDNER, Evelyn
35. HAYES, Linda
36. HARLING, Elaine
37. HEWLETT, Jerdon
38. HEWLETT, Jordan
39. HEWLETT, Lorraine
41. HONSBERGER, George
42. HUGHES, Ron
43. HUGHES, Becky
44. KENNEDY, Aaron
45. KENNEDY, Marcella
46. KENT, Andrew
47. KENT, Riley
48. KIM, Dan
49. KING, Bruce
50. KING, Lyette
51. BIFFIS-KRI, Sandy
52. LACHANCE, Tony
53. LALONDE, Katie
54. LONG, Dave
55. LONG, Lisa
56. MARTIN, Joe
58. MEECHA, Don
59. MEECHA, Jean
60. MOROZEVYCH, Sergiy
61. MOROZEVYCH, Victoria
62. MURPHY, Samantha
63. MURPHY, Travis
64. NESBITT, Craig
67. OYENIRAN, Idow
68. OYENIRAN, Nikky
69. PLANTE, Joanna
70. PRICE, Elaine
71. QUESNEL, Jean-Guy
72. QUESNEL, Marielle
73. RICHARDS, Evadne
74. RINGUETTE, Cheryl
76. RIZZUTO, Edith
77. ROUTLEY, Dan
78. ROUTLEY, Cassie
79. SAUDER, Rebecca
80. SOUCIE, Bernie
81. SOUCIE, Charlene
82. SMITH, Paulette
83. SMITH, Ron
84. STEWART, Sandra
85. TUULOS, Chris
86. TUULOS (Donaldson) Donna
87. WEBER, Luke
88. WEBER, Hannah
89. WHALLEY, Bill
90. WHALLEY, Simone
91. WHEELER, Marcus
92. WHEELER, Pam