Stewardship Matters

A Second Quarter Offering
Tuesday, May 29, 2018
Dear Friends of Calvary North Bay (CPT),
First, I want to thank you for your generosity towards the ministry at Calvary.  We cannot do the things we do without both your faithfulness in tithes, generosity in offerings and compassion in alms. The CPT family is a beautiful reflection of God’s kingdom, made up of every strata of Canadian life: rich, poor, middle class, pensioners, students, etc... Equal giving is impossible because we don’t all have the same financial means.  What is possible and pleasing to God is equal sacrifice.  This is the scriptural brilliance of proportionate giving. We can all do our part!
In Philippians 4:18 Paul writes,
“But I receive everything in full and have an abundance.  I am amply supplied having received from Epaphroditus what you have sent – a fragrance, aroma, an acceptable sacrifice well pleasing to God and my God shall supply all of your needs according to the riches in Christ Jesus.”
Each kind of giving (tithes, offerings and alms) is one way that we practice the generous life Paul describes in 2 Co 9:6-7. Christian stewardship according to the Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary is the “Responsibility to manage all the resources of life for the glory of God, acknowledging God as provider.”[1] God entrusts us with His resources for Christian ministry. Being faithful glorifies God! This is the privilege of responsibility.
Our First & Second Quarter
It has been our practice for the past six years, to present you with an opportunity to give an offering following Pentecost Sunday.  Each year this “over-and-above” offering helps us go into the summer months on budget. This offering enables a strong September kick-off.
Ask the Lord what He would have you do with regard to a special offering over the next 6 weeks!
Rev. David Long

[1] Draper & Stewart, “Stewardship,” 1534.