We believe that being a church full of friends is the best way to live life!! Life is changing all around. We have to make huge life choices, start living on our own, trying to find that special someone, going to Uni and College, finding work to pay the bills. It's a crazy amount of responsibility to jump into all at once!! Lets just say growing up can be hard. But there is hope for you and be assured you are not alone. How much easier is life when you can share it others. Come out and find what your looking for!!
Come check out The Hub!! We have a sweet lounge area and our Coffee Bar sets you up with a drink, We serve our free meal at 7pm. Just sit back, relax and have some fun meeting people your age who are engaging in life right next to you! After supper we will partake in a bible study geared towards your generation.

Meet other Young adults (College and University students, young professionals, singles and young married couples [18-30ish]) who are also interested in vibrant spirituality and making a difference in the world.

Our Coffee Bar serves up coffees, cappacinos, lattes, espressos, teas and hot chocolate. Cold beverages are also available.

Every other Monday @ 7PM. (September - November and January - April)

// Sept 14 & 28 //
Oct 22 (Its a Thursday and we will be serving a Canadian Thanksgiving to our International students at NU & CC)
// Oct 19 & 26 // Nov 9 & 23 // Jan 11 & 25 // Feb 8 & 22 // Mar 14 & 28 // Apr 11 //

Need a ride? Have questions? Let us know!

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